ChildsPlay is a tactile, vibrant and hard-wearing artificial grass system that provides a wide range of benefits for public play areas, schools, nurseries and play providers:

• Cost-effective playground refurbishment
• Lower maintenance times and costs
• Resistant to vandalism, graffiti and fire
• Suitable for children of all abilities
• Improved fall height safety
• Can be played on straight after rain
• More visually appealing to children
• Dangerous waste is easier to spot
• Encourages healthy activity


More than anything else, ChildsPlay is fun! Our choice of vibrant colours, patterns, shapes and designs will set free imaginations, turning the playground surfacing into a soaring spaceship, a sun-baked desert island or a ship at sea.

Value for money & peace of mind

Whatever colour or form it takes, ChildsPlay systems offer around a decade of durability against the rigours of the environment and children’s play. Over 10 years, a ChildsPlay installation can offer substantial savings over sand and bark-covered playgrounds due to its lower maintenance costs. It is also cost-effective when compared with wet-pour and rubber tile playgrounds, which can require a larger initial outlay.

ChildsPlay is an environmental playground option. The EPP (expanded polypropylene) tiles used to offer critical fall height protection are 100% recyclable. This reduces landfill costs significantly at the end of the product’s life.


ChildsPlay Ochre SurfacingChildsPlay Chestnut SurfacingChildsPlay Terracotta SurfacingChildsPlay Burgundy SurfacingChildsPlay Lavender SurfacingChildsPlay Tillet Red SurfacingChildsPlay Sunset Orange SurfacingChildsPlay Vivid Yellow SurfacingChildsPlay Olive Green SurfacingChildsPlay Grass Green SurfacingChildsPlay Marine Green SurfacingChildsPlay Navy Blue SurfacingChildsPlay Fjord Blue SurfacingChildsPlay Platinum Grey SurfacingChildsPlay Black Surfacing

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