Fast Track Funding is designed to be a simple, quick and easy solution for any customer in any sector. Unique to Notts Sport, Fast Track Funding is a proven method for all Schools, Academies, Independent Schools & Colleges as well as Universities and Local Authorities to achieve their vision and strategy for external sport, cricket & play facilities without any upfront capital costs necessary. Through this innovative, non traditional funding route we provide a completely flexible solution that enables each and every customer to enjoy world class, state of the art synthetic turf sports facilities that can immediately become a new income stream through external lettings to local sports teams & groups, quickly becoming a valued community asset.

Originally developed to offer funding solutions for customers with existing sports pitches in need of refurbishment, Fast Track Funding has now evolved to a complete solution for any customer looking to deliver any type of sport, play or cricket facility, large or small.  Indeed, since its implementation in 2012, Fast Track Funding has helped to provide a viable solution for over 26 customers, including Independent Schools, for their new or resurfaced sport, play and multi-use facilities. Developing a robust & sustainable long term business & financial plan is achievable because the majority of sports facilities are able to generate significant revenue through partnerships with local sports teams & community groups, strengthening bonds in those key sectors for many customers.  This income can be used to contribute, or very often cover, the cost of the project meaning that the facility in effect pays for itself during the funding period which is any period up to a maximum of 7 years.

As always, Notts Sport works closely with each individual customer to design, develop & deliver a facility that is bespoke for your needs, requirements and vision.  Whether it’s a brand new project or a refurbishment of an existing pitch, a new sport, play or cricket facility can be installed in as little as 10 weeks & we will provide advice & support for every customer to help maximise use & lettings to support the business case developed for the new scheme so it can immediately start to pay for itself, taking the burden off your existing budgets and finances.

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