Artificial grass surfaces are an increasingly popular choice for schools and cricket clubs in the UK and throughout the world – and with a Notts Sport solution you can enjoy more play, more often.

Consistency and durability set Notts Sport pitches apart from the rest. Our unique pitch designs have been developed and rigorously tested to achieve consistent performance throughout their lifetime. From raw materials and components to installation, you can be sure of the highest quality system.

The Envelope System and the NottsBase ‘D’ System are just 2 options exclusive to Notts Sport that are approved by the England & Wales Cricket Board. Both utilise a top surface carpet and full length underlay shock pad.

A shock pad offers player comfort and enhances pitch performance. The pad’s excellent load-bearing properties will also help protect the chosen base from disturbance during play, reducing maintenance.

Our range of Cricket surfaces are engineered to the highest quality, offering good underfoot grip, and are designed to offer both spin and seam movement.

The unique NottsBase D System offers a more consistent performance than aggregate-based pitches. It also provides a narrower range of playing characteristics in relation to bounce and pace, making it an ideal pitch for encouraging player confidence during coaching or matches.

Because the NottsBase D system uses synthetic rather than natural performance control layers below the surface, less maintenance is needed during the life of the pitch. If your ground requirements change in future, the NottsBase D pitch can also be relocated at minimal cost.

The Envelope System incorporates a low maintenance base system designed to imitate the best playing characteristics of a well maintained natural turf pitch. A specialised cricket aggregate is totally encapsulated in a porous film to guard against contamination, therefore maintaining the performance throughout its life.

The system is fully porous and therefore gives a changeable performance that is similar to a natural square and reacts to climatic conditions accordingly. This also means that you can control the pitch performance from week to week to create your perfect pitch.