Notts Sport’s Academy is an in-house training programme designed to progress individual staff members’ skills and knowledge through problem solving and team work exercises, while working with real projects and live briefs.

Through this outlet, the younger members of the team are given the opportunity to voice business ideas and input creatively in an open and collaborative environment.

The scheme has proven to be integral to the growth of the company, with important new business ideas stemming from the Academy sessions. Notts Sport realises that nurturing individual talent in this way will be beneficial for the company now, and in the long term.




I have been in the academy for over a year now and I have gained a plethora of skills and knowledge along the way, from product manufacturing and benefits to business planning and marketing strategies.

These have been developed from senior staff members such as our Managing Director and Chairman, or from company associates such as England Hockey.The benefits from the academy have been widely praised throughout the company with many ideas from the academy already having been implemented.

I believe that it would have taken several years to gain the level of experience that I have from the academy.

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